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Enjoy The Best Liquors From 100 Japanese Breweries
Atrium, Miramar Shopping Centre
Apr 7 – May 7


Mira Mall and Miramar Shopping Centre are partnering with Sakefes Hong Kong to bring you the first Washu Fes Hong Kong. With 100 Japanese breweries and more than 300 kinds of Japanese liquors including sake, awamori and the rare kyoshu (vintage sake), Washu Fes Hong Kong is bringing local sake event to the next level.


The exquisite Sanzen Kinmon Junmai Daiginjo Genshu by Kikuchishuzo Sake Producing Co. Ltd., the 20-year old Kyoshu from Daruma Masamune, and Fukuchiyo shuzō’s Nabeshima Aizan Junmai Daiginjo are just some of the renowned sake you can savor in the festival.


Every week, there is a new theme, ranging from Newly Brewed Sake to Fruit Sake. Be sure to catch the highly anticipated sake-themed events! From Ladies’ Night Sake Tasting to Cheese Pairing workshop; from meeting Miss Sake to meeting a friend in Sake Moments, there is never a dull moment in WashuFes!



The fun is free! It is absolutely free to join us at Washu Fes 2017. Fancy a treat? Enjoy a wide variety of sake with Sake Coupon (valued at HK$ 20 each), available for purchase in exchange for an equivalent value of sake and food.


Free Sake Coupon
12 – 10PM〡L1 Concierge, Miramar Shopping Centre


Spend HK$ 1,800* or more via electronic payment to redeem TWO  Washu Fes 2017 Sake Coupons (valued at HK40).2017WashuFes_Website_Sake

*Please present at most 2 same day machine-printed receipts from the same cardholder and the corresponding EPS / credit card sales slips for redemption. Each shopper is entitled to redeeming once per day. Daily quota applies, while stock lasts.



Weekly Themes

Event List

Week 1

(Apr 7 – 13)

Newly Brewed Sake

Spoil your palate with newly brewed sake from 100 Japanese breweries!

Every October, breweries in Japan prepare to brew new batches of sake. The process takes more than two months before the brand new sake are ready for the market (available for sale from December to the following April).

Week 2

(Apr 14 – 20)

An In-depth Introduction to Sake

Want to learn more about sake after sampling a wide range of sake from Week 1? Join us and learn about the classification of different sake, their optimal drinking temperature, glassware, food pairing and more.

Week 3

(Apr 21 – 27)

A New Age of Sake

Learn about the latest trend in sake, including sparkling sake and different sake cocktails. More importantly, bond with your friends over cups of sake!

Week 4

(Apr 28 – May 4)

Sweet & Fragrant Fruit Sake

Not a fan of the bitterness or burning sensation brought by alcohol? Join us as we show you an array of fruit-based liqueurs, including umeshu, yuzu (citrus) sake, momo (peach) sake, strawberry sake and mandarin sake.

Week 5

(May 5 – 7)


Before we say goodbye, let us dedicate to you the crowd’s favorite washu!



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