id:c / needle & line
2004 2/F Miramar Shopping Centre
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With the first specialty shop opened in 2005, id:c continues to search for the latest fashion in Japan and brings them to Hong Kong so that the Japanese fashion lovers can dress out the Japanese look without travelling all the way to Japan. “Find you senses here” is the slogan for id:c, with a hidden meaning of encouraging the youngsters to find their own unique style and personality, combining one’s lifestyle with fashion. id:c introduces brands from Japan such as MOUTHvalley, rivet & surge, Riche Glamour, ESTACOT for girls, and Smith’s American, Beaumere for boys. With the different style from each brand, ones can easily find their own items at id:c.

With the first specialty shop launched in Miramar Shopping Centre in September 2014, needle & line brings the young ladies fashion brands from Korea. By having a wide variety of products that are directly delivered from Korea, needle & line quickly becomes one of the hot shopping places for the girls who follow Korean fashion!

Shop Nameid:c / needle & line
LocationMiramar Shopping Centre
Floor & Shop Number 2004 2/F
Telephone+852 2735 6060 / 852 2375 6562
Opening Hours11am - 10pm