Lily Brown
1024, L1 Miramar Shopping Centre
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Founded in 2011, Lily Brown is an eminent brand that has well-built itself into the hearts of Japanese Ladies. The first store is located at LUMINE EST mall, a renowned prestigious department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Additionally, 13 branches were opened throughout Japan within the next 2 years. Based on the concept “Vintage-featured dress”, Lily Brown fashions an assorted vintage style, blending classical and contemporary features. Lily Brown persists in adopting high quality texture, impeccable on touch and is very particular about details. Lily Brown’s unique and daring colors reveal ladies’ distinctive charm and fill their wardrobes with sparkle-Lily Brown apparel. At present, there are 17 Lily Brown branches overseas, located in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
Shop NameLily Brown
LocationMiramar Shopping Centre
Floor & Shop Number1024, L1
Telephone+852 2336 9890
Opening HoursMon - Sun: 11:30 - 21:30